Vayal Veedu, Luxury of a diffrent kind, luxury farm villas by the woods, Muthanga

Nature's symphony, just for you.

A poignant silence, punctuated by a symphony of bird calls, trumpeting elephants, the rustle of leaves, a gentle breeze prompts green gold yellow paddy stalks to dance in unison. Clouds laden with promise of rain, of a bounteous harvest, float down into the valley.

A house becomes a home, a stranger, a friend.

Accommodations at Vayal Veedu consist of a complement of four exquisitely furnished suites with the state of the art in amenities. Every bungalow contains its exclusive private verandah in front, with deck chairs and panoramic views of the paddy fields and the forest beyond...

Discovery of one's self, the beginning of wisdom.

Almost all of the experiences at Vayal Veedu revolve around the nurturing of paddy tilling of the soil, its plantation, watching the wet earth give birth to fledgling shoots. In the course of time these implanted shoots will mature and assume a warmer tone of growing maturity...

Experience a new connect

in Wayanad district of Kerala, India, at the tri-junction with the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states. It is a small town with historical antecedents. A ruler of Mysore named Tipu Sultan invaded the region and converted an ancient Jain temple in the town into an armoury...